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fromthe108's podcast

Jul 25, 2019

Steve Stone Tweets

Dylan Cease early thoughts

Next 5 weekend homestands

Kicking people out of HOF

The Shoutout - @mrpilsner

Music with Chorizy - Wellwater Conspiracy

MSS Story - Marge Schott

Jul 20, 2019

Prospect Terminology
Who to trust?
Top 30 prospects
Chorizy and BeefLoaf questions
Office Draft
WhiteSox Twitter
Lightning Round

Jul 11, 2019

Cubs/Sox takeaways

Lucas Giolito

AJ on Jon Lester

Daniel Palka replaced by AJ Reed

Luis Robert to AAA

2nd Half Predictions

Summer Beer Draft

Public Blunders

The ShoutOut - @KJThirteen

Music - Tub Ring

Story Time - Gordon McNaughton