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fromthe108's podcast

Sep 19, 2019

Seattle Trip

ChiSox Beer Fest

Biggest Soxprise

80s Hair Metal Draft

MLB Wild Card Bet

Lightning Round

Sep 12, 2019

ChiSox Beer Fest
SoxFest 2020
Marketing in a Rebuild
108 Questions
Jordan Era Bulls Draft
108 Marketing Pitches


Sep 5, 2019

September Call Ups
Arizona Fall League
Beer Vendor Auditions
Football Movie Draft
108 Fantasy Football
BeefLoaf ShoutOut
Chorizy Music
MSS Story Time

Aug 22, 2019

Bill Walton Game
KenWo Origin Story
Current White Sox
Firing Squad Questions
PED Season Draft
Bears v Cards
White Sox Twitter
Lightning Round

Aug 15, 2019

Mia Khalifa
Rick Hahn 
2020 Schedule
Field of Dreams Game
Fast Food Draft
Old rules
The Shoutout
MSS Story Time